Write one’s own terms

terms and freedom

Do not allow others to block your personal development.

Listen to one’s voice within, not that from the mind of another.
For you know what is right for oneself.

Man lives life often with terms and conditions that are placed onto one.

What if one could write one’s own terms?
What if one could take back control, instead of doing what one is told to accept as truth.

What if one found one’s true gift and path.

When this happens, one is often taken to a point of self-acceptance and asked to make a personal decision.

To follow one’s truth may involve taking an unwritten path which is unknown and unusual for many minds to accept.

However, when one allows an unwritten path to unfold, one may find a treasure, an undiscovered opportunity or wisdom.

It takes courage,
It takes strength,
It takes wisdom.

But my child, if it is your truth,
If it is your path,
One will open up and attract all possibilities.
One will find all unfolding for one with ease.

And if it does not unfold, then remember, it is a lesson to adapt and learn.

As we do not promise that a path has no bumps.
With a bump one learns to rebalance.

With each lesson one gains strength,
And with strength, one will continue with confidence.

It is one’s personal decision to discover and follow one’s truth.
Why follow the terms and conditions of others, when your terms can be written and changed by oneself?

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