Whispers, Whispers in your ear

signals and whispers

Signs, signals and messages are constantly shared.

Signs and signals which guide you onto your path, or to show recognition of where you are today, are always around you.
Just open yourself to the messages.

Whispers in your ear,
Advanced vision within your eyes,
Clearer recognition of who and what surrounds you,
Energy throughout your being,
A pulse within your hands,
A heightened sense of smell—a recognisable aroma—of comfort.

Each signal, each message is unique—just as you are as an individual. 

Each day your path unfolds clearer, even when you feel that you are frozen or static.
Trust in yourself and believe in your guidance.
Many believe in external guidance—within others, within Angels, within a guide—but battle with guiding themselves.

Many others have connected to themself, yet close their senses to the messages which surround them each day.

Trust in yourself, just as you trust in others.
It is only when you trust in yourself that you will learn truthfully who else you can truly live your life with at this time.

Your Angels and guides constantly surround you:
Feel their presence, hear their message, open your energy field to their signals.

When you feel that moment of comfort and love, know it is true.
As you trust the guidance will strengthen,
As it strengthens your path of life will become clearer.

Recognise that you are not alone,
Recognise that you don’t need to make decisions alone,
Recognise that your inner-self, your soul, is always there to guide—just as your guides are—to help you experience the truth of life and indicate to you what your next step is at this time.

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