What is your belief system?

Question Everything

Have you recognised the limitations of your thoughts?

Or, do you still live life within a broken system of control?

Life is full of limitations, if you allow them to happen.

The mind can place limitations of your possibilities, should you allow it to take charge.

The voice of others may tell you your limited worth, should you listen.

Societal pressures may make you believe that you have a limited place in the world, should you conform.

Do not allow these limitations to become a reality, as only you should choose what you will achieve in your life.
Only you should choose what you will achieve in your life.
Only you should push your belief system and identify an individual truth to follow.

A belief system of others does not need to become the belief system of you.

Do not be afraid to question – question all.
Question what you believe to be true, as this is the only way you will ever understand what your truth represents to you.

Question why you believe what you know to be truth.

Is it a belief from your family?
Is it a belief from your friends?
Is it a religious belief?
Is it a belief from your country?
Is it a belief from political followings?
Is it a belief from media?
Is it a belief from mass advertising?

One must know that you were born into this world pure and without judgement. One becomes conditioned by one’s surroundings and it becomes a self-duty to question and understand what your personal view of life will be moving forward.

Are you within a belief system which is dictated and controlled by others?
The answer is yes, as all of man has become conditioned by a voice of the mass.

It takes strength, it takes courage, it takes self-respect, and self-belief to step back and to discover what it means for you.

This does not mean that one should push one’s individual truth onto another.
Instead allow another to discover their truth in their own way.

Each man, woman and child will reach a point of self-discovery in a lifetime.
There is no set date, an age, an experience, or a place for this to happen. It will be unique for all.

To push your belief system onto another may simply push another away.

The modern world is an example of belief systems which are pushed onto the mind and lives of the many.

Should one question or refuse to accept a truth of those in control, they are often punished, unaccepted or judged.

Do not place fear into the equation.
Question all that you know, but in your own time and with patience.

One must do so throughout life’s journey.
Not in one phase.

One will learn the truth;

All that one once believed is simply a painting which has been carefully crafted and handed down through generations.

Build your individual truth.
Build the picture of life you want to follow.
Choose to follow what you believe in and displace that which you see as false.

Develop a belief system, not controlled by the mass, but one which you are here to live. A belief system where one leads a life of happiness, of love, of contentment and respect of oneself and those around you.

It is only you who can build this system,
It is unique to you,
Awaken to yourself and live the life you are on earth to experience.

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