What is pain that man feels?

What is pain that man feels?
Not physical pain – but inside ones heart,
Pain too deep to describe, too deep to live with, too deep to share or to examine.

This pain my child is unique to all,
No pain is the same,
No pain shall ever be the same.

My child this pain must go,
It must be released – as my children it holds one down,
It stops ones flow and keeps one from the truth of love in life.

To release this pain one does not need to understand the pain,
One does not need to examine, as one may fall deeper if one attempts to do so.

Instead my children,
Learn to let it go,
Release through the belief and trust of one-self,
Knowing one is protected,
Surrounded by love and always safe.

Know the removal of pain releases a block within your body,
A block which will make a wall fall,
A wall which traps your soul.

Fly free my children,
Remove the block within,
Feel the love, the support.

Do not be alone,
Do not feel alone.
One is supported.
One needs to ask for support,
To see the love, the protection and the truth of life around you.

What is pain?
Pain is unique. So my child, there is no one answer for all.
But all can release,
Calmly and gently,
With support and with love.

Do not live a life in pain my children,
Instead fly free,
Soar through life,
With joy and happiness,
As this is the truth of life,
As it needs to be.

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  • Collette
    11th March 2017 at 8:40 am — Reply

    Love that. Thank you John.

    How do I learn how to discern who to trust and who to not trust. I have been too trusting in the past and have been used which caused me to shut down and run away. I long to have real friendship in my life where I can be free to be myself.

    • John (Author)
      7th April 2017 at 10:02 pm — Reply

      By following ones personal guidance, one will develop the understanding of knowing what is true.
      Through following ones personal guidance, one will learn to trust in one-self, and only when one truly trusts oneself can one truly learn what it is to pass the gift of trust onto others. It all starts with the self.

      It is not a question of learning who to trust. It is a knowing of who to build a connection with. This is unique to all. This is a feeling, a knowing, a natural effect of two souls uniting.
      Allow it to happen. Stop the mind. Stop the battle, Stop the control. There are connections which will happen naturally. These are the connections which are pure and true.

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