What is it to be true to oneself?


To be true to oneself, one must go through a journey to identify who one is.

One must identify what truth represents to oneself.

For one to lead a life which is representative of what one believes, one needs to know what ones beliefs are, without question, without doubt.

A seed will grow.
Plant a seed to watch ones life grow into a forest of happiness.
A life of truth, a life one leads which fulfils ones purpose and places a smile upon ones face each day.

To identify ones truth, one must be strong.
Have strength to cancel out the noise of what surrounds one,
To hear the truth of oneself, ones guidance, ones-self.

Emotion is a gift given to man to express, to love, to learn and to grow.
Emotion must not stand in the path of ones truth.
Emotion will always be part of ones journey, but one must not let emotion control ones path.

Learn ones individual truth.
To do so, one will need to overcome much of what one thinks to be true.

To identify ones truth is to stop thinking as everyone else,
But to allow oneself to have a voice,
To re-gain ones identity and individuality.

Lead your life with your truth,
Allow others to lead their lives with theirs.

If one’s view does not align with another,
It is not ones position to force change.
All, my friends, are on a journey,
A journey which each have a choice.

Make your own choice on how to lead your life.
Make your choice to learn the qualities of your truth.
Make your choice to smile each day.

My friends, be honest to yourself,
As it is your souls journey that will take you to a place to show you the truth of ones purpose in life.

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