What does faith represent to you?

I ask you to reflect on this as it has a different meaning for each soul on this earth.

Faith represents your true belief in something,
No matter what words anyone may have,
It is the belief of what one knows or believes to be truth.

It is through the strength of pure faith with one-self that one continues to grow.

Through questioning ones faith and asking oneself what one truly believes
– and why this is so –
One receives the answers of ones view, ones belief, a strength of confidence and individually emerges.

I ask one to represent the one-true self that one can be.
To place faith upon one-self to build a life of love and truth that one desires and deserves.

Place your faith in the truth that one holds much power that is yet to be recognised.

One holds all the answers to life’s questions.
One is guided each day, protected through faith and asked to take steps on ones life journey – to learn, to grow and remove barriers or blockages that may be placed in-front of you at any time.

Have faith, not only in these words, but in oneself.
As it is only through faith of one-self that your true self will emerge and your connection with ones soul can or will develop, to strengthen and to guide.

Faith my friends is an individual conversation for each to have,
to question, to learn from and to grow with.

Identify your faith,
Do not allow others to tell you what your own faith is,
It is unique,
Unique to you.

It is through faith that truth will emerge,
Through faith – love will grow
And through faith, the beauty of life will become clear in ones own eyes.

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