Unspoken Words

Unspoken Words

Unspoken words can be as damaging as misspoken words which are said in a moment of passion.

One can apologise for misspoken words, but unspoken words which are not shared may become the cause of regret, hurt or trapped emotion over one’s lifespan.

Is one ignoring a conversation that one needs to have?

Is one refusing to face one’s reality, but hoping it will disappear?

Is one afraid to speak certain words? – Knowing that they will change one’s life, one’s world and the circumstances you find yourself in?

But what if one becomes free by releasing unspoken words?

Is it best to live a life of truth than to live a life of hidden realities?
It is your choice, for it is your life to lead.

I ask for you to speak honestly, speak freely.
Speak not with intentions of an outcome, but from a place of the heart.

Speak your truth, knowing that you heal yourself by letting go and by being honest with yourself and others.

Do not live a trapped life – a life with constraints.

Step back from your pain, anger, constraints and hurt.
Ask yourself the difficult questions and reflect on your answers.

Speak your truth, even if it is only to yourself at first.
Understand what one’s truth is.
Understand what one desires,
What one would change,
And what one wants to continue developing.

Only then can one share one’s truth by sharing one’s words,
As one must not share what you do not understand yourself.

Live a life of freedom and honesty,
Not a life of unspoken words from fear.

This takes practice, but one will feel the freedom as soon as it is applied to your life.
Just trust and allow yourself to express your unspoken words.

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