The truth of happiness

Truth of Happiness

What is your truth?
Who do you want to be?
What do you want to do?

Do you live a life which speaks to your heart?
What does your heart say?

What if you removed the words of others and the conditions of society from your mind, but simply listened to your heart?

It is here that you will find your truth.

Do you do what you love?
Do you give yourself the freedom that you need and deserve?
Are you conscious of your words each day, your body and your actions?

Imagine one has freedom.
One is loved, one has no conditions and no responsibilities.

Imagine one has a day off,
Time out,
A day for yourself,
No thoughts, no pressure.

What comes to mind?
What would one do?

Listen to this. Do it.

Allow yourself to be in a moment of happiness,
As to listen to your heart is to do what you desire and need.

What if one could live life in this way,
What if one always followed the heart’s desires.
Imagine the happiness that would unfold naturally.

Do you allow yourself to be happy?
Or, do you hold yourself back?

Do not blame others for your unhappiness or unbalance.
One chooses to accept or disprove the words and expectations of others.

One can thank oneself for happiness,
One can thank others for opportunities, for love and for laughter.

One must choose to be happy,
One must allow oneself to be happy.

The secret is to listen to yourself, your heart,
Listen to your needs,
Silence the noise of your mind and the mind of others.

Give yourself the gift of time,
Time for yourself.

If you find yourself saying that you do not have the time,
Then ask if you are happy as you are.

If the answer is no, then you must stop.

To give yourself time, is to give yourself love,
To give yourself time is to give yourself respect,
To give yourself time is to give yourself opportunities in life.

Only you can allow yourself to let go and to discover your truth.

Are you willing to allow yourself to be happy each day?

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  • Eliz Long
    14th December 2017 at 5:18 pm — Reply

    Very inspiring and true THank you

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