Trust your instinct

Trust your Instinct

Are you willing to let go of all self-control?
Are you willing to surrender to the energy of the universe?
Are you ready to trust a bigger picture than what your mind can create or comprehend?

Are you strong enough to allow your path to unfold? Knowing that your hard work is recognised and your past experiences have lead to the knowledge and learnings which you will use in life moving forward.

How much do you trust in yourself?
How much do you acknowledge the internal strength you have?
How much do you see the love which you give to the world?

How much love do you give your reflection?
How much gratitude do you give yourself, for simply being you?
How much strength and love will it take for you to see your internal beauty?

How long will it take for you to practice self-love?
Importantly, how long will it take before you recognise and trust your inner-self?—Your guide?—Your love?—Your being?

Do not blame others for holding you back.
Do not assign blame, responsibility or ill feelings onto someone.

If you have not recognised the true beauty of yourself to-date, it is because you are on a journey to discover who one is and what it means to love.

Only you can learn to love yourself.
Only you can learn to trust yourself.
Only you can learn to place yourself first.

You are on your individual journey.
Life is not a race, you are not on a podium against anyone else—unless you choose to place yourself there.

You can listen to others for guidance, or you may choose not to.
But, when the day comes that you learn to listen to yourself, you will feel the internal strength and love which you long for.

Self-love is a feeling which no one else can provide.
It contains a strength which can not be compared to muscle strength.

Love and trust in oneself are as important as self-love.
These are three factors which each person must constantly evolve and grow.

It is easy to listen to others.
It is difficult to trust oneself.
But once you do, you will know what to do.
You will know what is right for you.
You will know without doubt when a move is correct.

Do not be afraid to explore who you are and to learn what is right for you.
Be who you want to be, not who you are told to be.
Be where you want to be, not where you are told to be.
Do what you know is right for you and those around you.

Trust your instinct,
Trust your soul,
Trust who you are and say thank you for your being—your guidance, your soul, your energy.

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