This is a time when the world unites and becomes one.

This is a time when the world unites and becomes one.

It is a time where love overshadows pain, a time when loved ones are remembered and truth of guidance is accepted into mans heart.

I ask each of you to reflect on ones life, ones decisions, ones year, ones day.

Ask oneself if one leads the life that one wants, needs and deserves.

Ask oneself if ones heart is open to accept and recognise the love that surrounds oneself. Ask oneself if one truly shares the love that is needed. Ask one-self if one truly recognises the power within, the truth of ones soul and the guidance to ones life.

It is a time my friend to remember that one is never alone,
One is always loved,
One should never fear,
As one is protected, guided and loved.

I ask one to open ons heart to the truth of what surrounds one,
To be love,
To send love,
To accept love,
However one may do it.

I thank each of you for your love and trust,
For listening to yourself, your guide and for never giving up.

My friends it is simple.
Life is love. Love is life.
This is what is to be celebrated.
This is the truth of all.

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