The Spirit, The Soul


To define the soul is to define who you are.
Your soul is life.

When you smile, your heart smiles,
When your heart fills with love and joy, your soul sings and smiles within.

My child, many spend their lives in search of who they are,
But, all one must do is listen.
Listen to ones soul, which whispers to you each day and sends you the love and guidance needed in each moment.

Your soul is the key to your life,
The key to unlock a world of love and possibilities that one does not yet know.

Your soul is the being within you which connects you to all,
To your loved ones,
Your family, your friends, your children and your parents.
Your soul connects you to mother earth,
To nature, to life; to plants and animals.

Your soul is what speaks to all around you,
The source which is connected to all which exists,
And the source which allows you to attract all possibilities to your being each day.

Your soul my children is unique,
Your soul is uniquely yours,
It is you.

There is no bad soul,
There is no evil within each soul,
Each soul is pure,
Each soul is connected.

My children, each soul stays pure,
Each soul asks for you to recognise its being,
Its love, it’s guidance.

Each soul, your soul, will always guide you, to teach you what one needs to know and give one a unique understanding of ones life, one’s purpose on earth.

But my children,
One must become aware,
Become connected, to this love, to this source,
To the life that lives inside.

I ask one to recognise this love and to connect.

Connect by letting go.
Letting go of control,
Letting go of fear,
Letting go of the conditions of life,
As the truth of life is within.

Only when one recognises the truth of ones soul can one live in the peace and love which is gifted upon man.

Only when the soul is heard will a man connect to their true-self.

Speak my child to the voice within,
To ones life, to ones love,
Build and allow the connection to grow,
Never stop the conversation,
As it is the conversation with life.

You all ask for answers,
My children, the answer is within.

You each have the tool for the life that one must lead.

Feel your soul smile,
Feel the joy inside,
Hear the whisper to your ear,
And watch as all unfolds in-front of ones eyes.

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