The Internal Battle


The truth my children,
You will only ever battle with yourself.

Your battle is only ever with yourself,
As what you perceive to be an argument with someone else,
Is only ever a true reflection of where one currently stands in one’s life.

This may be difficult for the mind to comprehend,
But that is the point,
The truth lies deeper than what your mind can comprehend.

There can be difficult answers to difficult questions when one comes to a crossroads in one’s life.

A realisation that one often leads one’s life decisions based on others – not by oneself.

Should this not be true,
Does one lead one’s life from a place of love? A place or truth? And remove one’s ego from one’s path of life discovery?

There are few that does this,
Therefore many live with an internal battle.

There are difficult questions that one must answer truthfully for one-self,
Then go deeper into oneself to find the root of self love, to allow it to flourish and allow it to grow.

How does one view one-self?

Without the view of others perception, what is your view of yourself?

Am I able to close my mind?

Do I only listen to the noise of my thoughts? Have I learnt self-control of the mind to allow peace of the heart and truth of my soul?

What is my view of love?

This is unique to each of us. Each man, woman and child views life in an individual perspective and a view of love develops as life develops.

Am I willing to let go of control?

Can I trust in myself and the energy that surrounds me, to guide me through life with no conditions?

Do I trust myself enough to listen?

Without a seed of doubt, do I, or would I, listen to myself and my guide?


One will face many questions in one’s life.
But instead of listening to questions from the mind,
Which simply keep one busy and entertained,
Ask oneself the true questions to self-develop.

Only you can stop the internal battle,
Only you can choose to let go of one’s ego,
To let go of control of the mind and to shut out the noise of all that surrounds one.

One can ask why one should do this,
The answer is quite simple.
One will develop an inner strength that is unshakable,
A strength that will out-do fear,
A strength that will allow one to see a truth within one’s life,
A strength that will no longer accept lies,
A strength that will no longer battle the mind, or another’s mind.

Instead one will see that an argument with another will showcase the strength within, showcase the place that oneself is in one’s life, and the development that another is still to do.

Only you choose to continue an internal battle,
It is up to one to choose when peace will enter within,
When to place down the weapons and accept a life of love, strength and clarity.

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