The importance of letting go


What do you need to let go?
What is holding you back from the freedom you deserve?

What is blocking you from life?
From happiness?
From contentment?
From a healthy body?
From a healthy mind?
From a connected soul?

Many minds debate the truth of human behaviour.
Few will argue against ‘learned behaviour’ – for it is true that one is born into this world as an equal to any other.

Through one’s environment, one learns conditions of life – one learns a belief system, one learns judgement, although few learn to question what they know.

Man must also learn that there are layers to one’s life and few identity this as truth.

Although one’s body is present on earth and ages with time, one’s soul is on earth at this time to experience life once-again, just as it has many times before.

One’s soul is pure.
Yes, one’s soul has experienced many lives, one’s soul has much knowledge that one is to build from.

Also, recognise that one’s soul is a source of love, so shall never hold one back. It can’t. It won’t. Although, one’s mind may want to fight with this truth.

If one’s mind can not accept a truth,
If one’s mind places one into a state of anger, frustration or confusion; one has identified a block – a condition, or a belief system in life that is holding one back.

As one’s soul is pure, it is only the mind that can place one’s emotions into a negative state.

Learn to let go of each block,
Learn to let go of your belief systems,
Learn to let go of your conditions of truth that others have placed onto you.

One may ask, How do I let go?
How do I release anger in my life?
How do I release my frustrations, hurt and fears?

If you ask yourself these questions, then one is ready.

I do not say it is easy, but know that one will open oneself to a world of freedom and peace that one doesn’t have today.

Firstly, allow one to identify one’s block – the anger, the frustration, the pain.

Secondly, allow oneself to experience it.
Do not hide away, do not keep it for later, do not ignore it.
To experience this block allows one to understand the core of the issue, to self-develop and to learn how to move forward in one’s life.

Thirdly, reflect.
Understand one’s pain,
Discover and explore one’s past,
Understand why one felt this way and allow yourself to question what you believe to be true.
This may be your individual truth, but that is not to say it is the only answer in one’s life.

One has a choice.
To live one’s life by carrying one’s past, hurt, pain and conditions,
Or, to learn the truth of life by experiencing, learning, identifying and growing on each step.

Do not think that life is easy – we do not promise this.
As a challenge is placed onto one’s path, one should learn and grow, this allows one to take the next step with ease.

Do not weigh oneself down and limit oneself from moving forward,
Learn how to let go,
Practice this skill,
Allow one to move forward with joy in one’s heart.

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