The Body

The Body

One’s body provides signals to you each day.

It talks to you in its own language,
It speaks to you when it’s joyful or sad,
It allows you to move with ease and provides you with signals of when to slow down.

But, many do not listen.

Many ignore the signals of one’s body,
Many continue with life of the mind instead of following signals of one’s body and soul.

One must become aware of one’s body,
Not in a superficial aesthetic manner,
But instead one should stop and analyse what one’s body is signaling to you on this day.

One carries emotion in one’s body.
One’s body is simply a home, a vessel for one’s soul,
Therefore it can only give you signals from your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

One’s body heals naturally,
Has one ever stopped to recognise the¬†majestic manner in which one’s body mends and adapts over time?

Has one stood back to recognise the instrument that one lives within?

One’s body is unique.
Just as one’s soul and one’s mind is unique.
One should not judge one’s body against that of another,
Just as one should not compare the mind of one against another.

One’s body brings one through life,
It will age through time and it is one’s personal choice how to treat it.

If one truly recognises the beauty of one’s body, one will care for it.
One must take action to ensure one’s body is mobile, healthy, given the correct food and cared for.

Man often views the aesthetics of a body,
Few recognise the internal elements and organs until one is faced with an unwelcome truth.

Care not just for your aesthetics on the outside, but provide nutrition and care for each element within.

Educate oneself,
Know the vehicle that allows you to move through life.

Listen to the signals,
What is your body saying to you?
Reflect on your life choices when you feel pain within,
Feel joy as your body celebrates each achievement one makes.

Do not fall into a trap of listening to others,
Follow your own soul,
Listen to your own body,
Care and love this body one is gifted with.

Explore one’s body,
Know one’s body,
Love one’s body,
Watch the evolution of one’s body,
Care for one’s body,
Exercise one’s body,
Move one’s body.

To love one’s body is a recognition of self-love.
A recognition of self-love is to accept who one is and opens up a communication to one’s soul.

Feed your body only what it deserves,
No one else can force food into one’s mouth, each bite one takes is a choice.

Remember that one must feed one’s body to fuel one’s energy,
A car will not move without energy, neither will one’s body.

Feed one’s body only positive energy, with nutrients and with love.

Recognise oneself in one’s body,
Recognise who is within,
Recognise the power of one’s body and the soul within.

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