The art of reflection


Now is the time to ask yourself,
What do you want, need and desire?

If all was to stop in this moment and you could be granted anything you desired, what is it, what would it be?

Take a moment now to answer this.

Now that you know, it is important to ask yourself, why do you want this?
Why does this desire resonate in your heart?

It is important to know what you want from life, but also, why you desire this need.

It is important to know that it is pure, it is of love and it is true.

But what does this mean?

For an intention to be pure, it is directly from the heart, not a thought from the mind. It is from a place of good, not from a place of ego or from fear.

For it to be from love, it is to allow happiness, not only for oneself, but for many which surround you.

For an intention to be true, it speaks to your inner self. It is what you dream about in daytime and at night. It raises your heartbeat, placing excitement and peace into your heart.


Your heart’s desire is your truth, in this moment.
Allow yourself a quiet place to ask yourself these questions.

Find out what your truth is (what your desire is), and then stop to ask yourself the most difficult question of all,

If your your deepest desire was to be given to you, would you accept it today, or have you more to experience before you are ready?

Often, when one is granted their wish or desire, they can not live with their truth.

Often many want to run before they can walk.

Keep a vision of your deep desire, knowing that each step in your journey is preparing you for what is to come. That with each step, you can grow with confidence, strength and trust.

Trust in one’s guidance, but also in oneself,
For we shall always guide, but only you can take actions to allow dreams to become reality.

Are you ready for your desire to become truth?

If not, that is fine. Continue as one does, growing each day.

But if your answer is yes, ensure it is from a place of pure love and truth.

Reflect and do not be afraid to ask difficult questions.
It is through this that one will learn, one will develop and one will live a truth that too many are afraid to face.

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