The Act of Sex

act of sex

The act of sex is not just a desire,
The act of sex is a moment of connection between two individuals.

It is a moment when two bodies are one,
It is a moment where two souls speak,
And if the connection is true,
It is a moment where it becomes undeniable to both of a deeper truth,
A moment of pure joy and love in two hearts.

Sex is life,
It is a natural act,
It is the creation of man.
It is an unidentified sacrament that should not be feared, but is to be respected.

To respect the act of sex is to respect one’s individual body and to respect one’s partner in the act.

It is to love each other and share a moment of ecstasy and passion with each other.
It is a moment which many take for granted,
And a moment which many fear.

As sex has individual meaning for each soul on earth, I ask you to reflect and ask yourself;

What does sex mean to you?

  • Is it a brief moment of pleasure?
  • Is it a moment to share with one’s partner?
  • Is it something that is feared? – An action controlled by fear of the mind due to circumstances that one can not leave behind?
  • Is it love?
  • Is it a moment of love?
  • Is it unspoken?
  • Is it life?
  • Is it too much pressure for one?
  • Is it a moment for one’s ego to shine?

Love is individual to each soul,
Therefore the action of sex will also be individual.

Of-course, today, one does not need to be in love to have an act of sex,
But one should recognise that in that moment, one is truly connected to another,
Therefore, love on a higher energy field will transcend between one-another.

When two connected souls are truly engaged on a human level,
It is an unwritten communication with one-another, that another person could never understand.

No one experience will ever be the same,
Each sexual act is individual.
As an individual act, it should be recognised as a moment for one to feel the joy of life. A natural desire met and the possible creation of life.

As it is an act that creates life,
One must respect one’s body in each moment,
One must respect one’s partner,
One must recognise a gift that one may give oneself; life.
Do not create life without respect.

Only create life with love, for oneself and another.

Each individual will have an individual relationship with sex.

  • Some will decide not to take part in this act
  • Others will become obsessive over the need
  • Some will respect the act
  • Others will look upon it as an individual moment, which met a desired need.

One’s relationship with sex will change over one’s journey in life,
Each person has an individual journey,
So it is natural that each will grow and develop in a unique way for oneself.

Do not look at another’s life and compare it to one’s own,
Simply ask oneself, what relationship one wants with sex, just as one should with anything else in life.

My only ask is that you do so with love and respect for oneself and another.
It is not an act of duty,
It is an act of love,
A representation of oneself and a reflection of one’s individual truth.

Do not place fear into one’s heart with this topic,
Do not allow others to control your own body or needs,
But allow oneself to have a moment,
Knowing that one does so with the needed intentions,
Not ego, not lust, but love and respect.


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