Take time out for yourself

Time for yourself

When did you last take time out for yourself?

Away from daily tasks?
Away from unnecessary stress?
Away from other people’s problems and worries?
Away from being the support for everyone else, while ignoring your individual needs?

When did you last take the time to sit in silence?
When did you last take a moment with no distractions, no technology, no voice of distraction – but instead be part of pure nature?
Have you ever done this?

To some these words will seem natural, while to others they may seem impossible.

Remember that your soul is unique to you, it will guide you to where you are to be – should you listen.

Each soul within each man, woman and child has a connection to nature which cannot be untied.

Just as each man is connected to another, all are connected to nature and will thrive when allowed to reconnect.

To reconnect to nature is different for us all.
This does not mean that all are born to hike or bathe in waterfalls.

All are asked to take a moment in each day to recognise the beauty of Earth and the life of your home.

Life which shares the air, life which gives back to the Earth and life which surrounds each one of you.

When is the last time you sat amongst trees, recognising their age, beauty, height and life?

When is the last time you sat in silence and listened to the conversations in nature: the birds sing, wind dance and water flow?

When is the last time you felt your soul dance or smile?
That life inside of you – responding with joy?

Reignite that life.
Live life with laughter.
Connect to nature.

Stop your busy, stressful life,
Take a second to breathe,
Then continue your day with this new energy of life.

Take time out for yourself as one will find that this impact on yourself, your mood and outlook on life will impact the relationships you have with others.

Breathe, listen, relax.

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