Stars align out of sight

stars align

My child, stars align out of sight.

We always work to allow your path to unfold as needed,
All one must do is trust and live ones life.

One is not required to know all that surrounds one,
One simply must focus on this moment. Now.

One is simply asked to connect to the energy that surrounds one,
In this moment. In any moment.

It may be the touch of paper,
The touch of water on ones skin,
A tear unfolding from ones eye,
Or the love penetrated from all that surrounds one.

It is only in a moment that one is asked to focus on,
One does not need to see stars moving to align,
But one will always know when all is ready for one to take the next step.

The mind is easily confused,
The mind creates noise and often aims to be in control.

Let go of control,
Give yourself to the energy,
Knowing that one is safe and protected.

Knowing that there is nothing for one to control,
One will simply be guided to take actions that will lead one on an individual journey.

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