Spontaneous moves


How structured is your life?

Is every move planned?
Planned by you, or planned by others?

How spontaneous are you?
Maybe the thought of being spontaneous makes you uneasy or uncomfortable due to the uncertainty of what may happen?

What if your plans are in fact holding you back?
What if the opportunities in life, the opportunities in each day, are best approached by spontaneous actions and trust in knowing that all will be as it needs to be?

What if you could hold a moment, a moment in which you never could have imagined when you woke up that morning.

A view of breathtaking nature,
A beautiful conversation with someone you just met,
A sign from source which places thanks and comfort into your being.

Live life from a place of trust.
Trust and knowing that you are experiencing the life that you are here to lead.

That may be difficult to hear, however, each experience on your path allows you to learn. It is how you interpret a lesson that will lead to the life which you will live.

I ask you to trust—in yourself—enough to make a spontaneous move.
Take time off, take a day away, visit a friend or family member, spend a day in a park or do whatever your spontaneous desire may be.

By doing so you will find beauty in life and beauty in yourself.

You will find that control can simply be a boundary of life.
Learn to balance control and learn to be spontaneous in your life.

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