Sometimes words are not needed


Sometimes there are no words.
Sometimes all you need is to sit in the energy.

Sometimes words don’t express what one feels inside.
Sometimes, words are not needed.

Sometimes words just create noise.
Sometimes silence is preferred.

When one sits within energy without distraction, with limited noise,
It is then that one’s truth will emerge and one can truly listen.

Have a conversation with yourself,
Without words.
Have a conversation with others,
Without the limitations of words.

Just simply be.
Be together.
Allow the silence to say all that is needed.

Take three deep breaths to calm the mind,
Place the focus from the mind to the body.

Do this with others,
Do this by yourself,
Either way, focus on what you feel.
Focus on the relaxed state.
Just be.

Allow yourself to have no agenda,
No thought,
Just to be.

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