Bask in the freedom of self-expression


Artwork is an expression,
Words are an expression,
Music is an expression,
Love is an expression,
Life is an expression.

Many spend life not expressing themselves,
Many spend life living according to the boundaries of external expectations—that of another or that of society.

What is your technique to express yourself?

Some write, some sing, some draw, some dance, some present, some make love; All should express love.

Feel the freedom when boundaries are removed.
Feel the freedom of self-expression.

Allow yourself to enter the natural flow of expression.
Allow yourself to close the mind from thought—sing, write, move within the moment.

To live within the moment is to live.

To live within the moment is to feel the life within express itself.
To feel the moment, to live in the moment is to discover your true self.

It should not matter what another thinks,
It should not restrict you from expression.
Do not block oneself—one’s life—due to another’s belief or thought pattern.

Instead, allow yourself to fly free in a moment and to bask in the freedom of self-expression in your life.

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