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Identify your personal barrier

Identify your personal barrier

To take a step out of your comfort zone is not a simple task.

It often comes with many layers of complexity that others cannot see,
Only yourself.

A layer of complexity is simply a barrier that one must break down,
It is a barrier which has been placed there with a purpose,
It is a reason that one will either decide to stop or push forward and succeed.

Everyone has personal barriers, and no one is the same.

Ask what one wants to achieve in life.
This is not simple to answer, in fact, it is only the few who can answer this with ease.
Ask what is stopping one from reaching this aim today.




Identify your personal barrier.

It is only when a personal barrier has been identified that one starts the process of moving forward, breaking through and removing restrictions.

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Breathe – Simply take three deep breaths.



What do you do when life feels complex and overbearing?

What do you do when the noise in one’s mind is too much and nothing you do can quieten the surround sound?

What do you do when no one around you understands, when no one has an answer or understands the internal pain and conflict?

What do you do when everyone simply stairs, open-mouthed and no words to share?

What do you do when you feel so alone that the hight of loneliness is felt deepest when surrounded by people?

In this case,

I ask you to breathe.
Simply take three deep breaths.

In a moment of darkness,
In a moment that your head is stuck to a pillow and one’s mind is deep in thought,
Take three deep breaths.

In a moment that no one understands and the internal pain is too much to bear,
Take three deep breaths.

In the moment that a loved one doesn’t have the words you need to hear,
Take three deep breaths.

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The importance of letting go


What do you need to let go?
What is holding you back from the freedom you deserve?

What is blocking you from life?
From happiness?
From contentment?
From a healthy body?
From a healthy mind?
From a connected soul?

Many minds debate the truth of human behaviour.
Few will argue against ‘learned behaviour’ – for it is true that one is born into this world as an equal to any other.

Through one’s environment, one learns conditions of life – one learns a belief system, one learns judgement, although few learn to question what they know.

Man must also learn that there are layers to one’s life and few identity this as truth.

Although one’s body is present on earth and ages with time, one’s soul is on earth at this time to experience life once-again, just as it has many times before.

One’s soul is pure.
Yes, one’s soul has experienced many lives, one’s soul has much knowledge that one is to build from.

Also, recognise that one’s soul is a source of love, so shall never hold one back. It can’t. It won’t. Although, one’s mind may want to fight with this truth.

If one’s mind can not accept a truth,
If one’s mind places one into a state of anger, frustration or confusion; one has identified a block – a condition, or a belief system in life that is holding one back.

As one’s soul is pure, it is only the mind that can place one’s emotions into a negative state.

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Meditation – The Art, The Gift


There are variant layers of meditation.

A state of meditation can be as simple as closing your eyes, taking several deep breaths and focusing on the moment.

Even if this is just for one minute, it is a start,
It is the beginning of self-awareness, self-control of the mind and an understanding that one is in control of one’s thoughts.

It takes practice.
Practice and patience to gain a true understanding of your possibilities,
To connect to your truth and to connect to the truth of what surrounds you, what guides you: Universal Energy.

Where should one meditate?

Do not place limitations on mental peace.
Do not limit one’s meditation practice.

Meditate in the morning to invite peace and balance into one’s day.

Meditate on the bus, on the train, in the station, on a park bench, on the beach, by the water, in the mountains, in the office, at school, where ever you are.

Meditation is a practice of allowing peace of the mind, allowing a balance to occur and to connect to your surroundings.

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The Body

The Body

One’s body provides signals to you each day.

It talks to you in its own language,
It speaks to you when it’s joyful or sad,
It allows you to move with ease and provides you with signals of when to slow down.

But, many do not listen.

Many ignore the signals of one’s body,
Many continue with life of the mind instead of following signals of one’s body and soul.

One must become aware of one’s body,
Not in a superficial aesthetic manner,
But instead one should stop and analyse what one’s body is signaling to you on this day.

One carries emotion in one’s body.
One’s body is simply a home, a vessel for one’s soul,
Therefore it can only give you signals from your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

One’s body heals naturally,
Has one ever stopped to recognise the majestic manner in which one’s body mends and adapts over time?

Has one stood back to recognise the instrument that one lives within?

One’s body is unique.
Just as one’s soul and one’s mind is unique.
One should not judge one’s body against that of another,
Just as one should not compare the mind of one against another.

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Unspoken Words

Unspoken Words

Unspoken words can be as damaging as misspoken words which are said in a moment of passion.

One can apologise for misspoken words, but unspoken words which are not shared may become the cause of regret, hurt or trapped emotion over one’s lifespan.

Is one ignoring a conversation that one needs to have?

Is one refusing to face one’s reality, but hoping it will disappear?

Is one afraid to speak certain words? – Knowing that they will change one’s life, one’s world and the circumstances you find yourself in?

But what if one becomes free by releasing unspoken words?

Is it best to live a life of truth than to live a life of hidden realities?
It is your choice, for it is your life to lead.

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Internal Communication

Inner Connection

Disconnect not from yourself, but from the noise of what surrounds you.

Ask yourself, are you happy?
Do you recognise the noise in this modern world which keeps the mind entertained and busy?

It is to a degree that man no longer communicates with themself, or those which surround them.

Man lives in a time period where there are few barriers in communication.
Physical location is no longer a barrier, spoken language no longer needs to be the same, and as technology advances, man’s capability of communication will be seamless.

Man’s technology advances are simply recreating a connection between individuals which already exists.

Man is connected.
Each man, woman and child are connected.
Each person on earth is a source of energy which drives the evolution of life.

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What is your belief system?

Question Everything

Have you recognised the limitations of your thoughts?

Or, do you still live life within a broken system of control?

Life is full of limitations, if you allow them to happen.

The mind can place limitations of your possibilities, should you allow it to take charge.

The voice of others may tell you your limited worth, should you listen.

Societal pressures may make you believe that you have a limited place in the world, should you conform.

Do not allow these limitations to become a reality, as only you should choose what you will achieve in your life.
Only you should choose what you will achieve in your life.
Only you should push your belief system and identify an individual truth to follow.

A belief system of others does not need to become the belief system of you.

Do not be afraid to question – question all.
Question what you believe to be true, as this is the only way you will ever understand what your truth represents to you.

Question why you believe what you know to be truth.

Is it a belief from your family?
Is it a belief from your friends?
Is it a religious belief?
Is it a belief from your country?
Is it a belief from political followings?
Is it a belief from media?
Is it a belief from mass advertising?

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Life’s Questions

Do you believe in a life after human life?

The most common question on earth is asking, ‘What is the meaning of life?’

This question translates into every language, in some form, and is asked no matter what someones personal beliefs, location, race or gender is.

Human belief has changed over time. Like a wave in an ocean, beliefs strengthen and calm over time periods. However, the truth has always remained.

Do not associate heaven to religious belief.
Yes religions teach the beauty of heaven although they also place constraints onto it’s purity.

Life is to be lived.
A life full of love, a life of learning, of experiences and of joy.
There will be challenges in life, however, if life was the same each day of a life, one would ask for more.

Learn from each challenge,
Forgive yourself as well as others,
Do not carry hurt through your life.

Forgiveness allows one to build an internal strength,
Forgiveness allows one to move forward in life, with clarity, with peace and with love.

To forgive is different than to forget.
To forgive is to allow peace into one’s own life, one’s own heart.

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The art of reflection


Now is the time to ask yourself,
What do you want, need and desire?

If all was to stop in this moment and you could be granted anything you desired, what is it, what would it be?

Take a moment now to answer this.

Now that you know, it is important to ask yourself, why do you want this?
Why does this desire resonate in your heart?

It is important to know what you want from life, but also, why you desire this need.

It is important to know that it is pure, it is of love and it is true.

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