My Belief & Connection

Growing up I perceived spirituality belief as something for an older generation. Something that isn’t scientific, concrete and something that isn’t taken too seriously, even laughable to many.

I still battle some of these thoughts. But I can not deny what I have experienced in the past 10 years.

I’ve never read a self-help book. I don’t feel the need. I don’t believe in the sales pitch method of someone telling me how to live my life.


Something has happened that I can not deny. A connection.

A connection to myself, a connection to an inner voice that guides me each day, each step of the way. This is not a voice in my head. It’s a feeling. A rise of internal energy as a method of communication, a sign to myself.

It took some time, but I learned to recognise this as my soul. My inner guide.

I’ve personally broken all the stereotypes I’ve ever had about spirituality followers. I first made this self-connection aged 28. I’m male.

I’ve been on this journey throughout my 20’s and followed this connection, this guidance on each step. It has guided me through personal barriers, breaking down mental blocks, allowing me to recognise the mind in action and battle personal depressive episodes.

In fact, spirituality is not a following, it’s not a cult. It’s something that is innate within each of us. It is a connection that each of us has.

I often ask why the average person who follows spirituality websites, workshops, books, seminars and audios are female and over 40.

Is it a realisation that there is more to life than the daily mundane rituals that we have accepted to be ‘life’? Is it a realisation that we can not carry our hurt, frustrations and anger through life, each day, like an armour? That we become free by letting go, by becoming aware of our mental health, our physical health and by listening to our true needs and desires?

Spirituality is not a hobby. It is not a book club.

It is how I live my life. I no longer separate ‘my daily life’ and ‘my spiritual life’.

I follow my guidance each step of the day; do what I know is right. This is not always easy, as logic vs spirit is a continuous battle that I don’t believe will ever end. The difference is, I know which to follow. Which to place my trust into and which will lead me to where I need to be at any given moment.

I’ve been lucky to spend the last 10 years surrounded by others who have been on a similar path of self-discovery. It is important to have a community of support to help you on that dark day of not understanding and to celebrate the joys and freedom that one can uncover.

It is most important that you allow yourself to discover.

This can mean asking difficult questions and coming face to face with hidden truths which we often would rather bury and forget about.

We are surrounded by many people who claim to have the answers. And those who feel lost and want to know what to do next will listen.

The truth is, only you, yourself, will ever know what the right step is.

It is important that we never place another individual on a pedestal, as with a true understanding, it’s important to note that each of us is equal. Some have deeper knowledge and it is important to learn from this knowledge, but what is right for another, is not right for all.

What are my aims and ambitions?

I want to assist. I want to help those that are lost. Those that have identified that there is more to life, but are unsure what is it.

I want to build a community for assistance. I want to help those, who want to listen, to connect with their true self and receive the answers that they long to hear.

I want to break the stereotype that society has built. This is not a airy-fairy belief system. This is a way to live. This is the connection to life. Not only for an older generation, but also for a young generation who can live a life of freedom moving forward. Imagine living a life with the knowledge of spirits message, instead of battling your anxiety and fears alone.

What would society be if we taught our youth not to battle oneself, but to listen to oneself.

How many illnesses could we reduce by removing stress from our bodies, teaching the tools to learn how to balance in any given moment. To identify the dangers of the mind and to stop dangerous pattens before they have physical effects in our bodies.