Meditation – The Art, The Gift


There are variant layers of meditation.

A state of meditation can be as simple as closing your eyes, taking several deep breaths and focusing on the moment.

Even if this is just for one minute, it is a start,
It is the beginning of self-awareness, self-control of the mind and an understanding that one is in control of one’s thoughts.

It takes practice.
Practice and patience to gain a true understanding of your possibilities,
To connect to your truth and to connect to the truth of what surrounds you, what guides you: Universal Energy.

Where should one meditate?

Do not place limitations on mental peace.
Do not limit one’s meditation practice.

Meditate in the morning to invite peace and balance into one’s day.

Meditate on the bus, on the train, in the station, on a park bench, on the beach, by the water, in the mountains, in the office, at school, where ever you are.

Meditation is a practice of allowing peace of the mind, allowing a balance to occur and to connect to your surroundings.

It is a practice which allows you to connect to a universal truth, to connect to your inner voice, not the voice of the mind.

It is a moment to let go of stress, to balance one’s body and to release the negativity, the blocks, programmes, trapped beliefs, thoughts.

It is a moment to connect to nature,
To hear the birds sing, the grass grow, the leaves sing on the trees and the waves power to enter your heart.

Meditation is a moment to welcome freedom into one’s heart, into one’s life.

Meditation is a moment to listen to one’s body. To reconnect, to hear the ailments, to recognise what needs to be cared for and to take action on the wellbeing of your vessel.

Importantly, with practice, meditation allows oneself to connect with your true self, your soul’s guidance.

It allows you to hear the message of your soul, to guide you through your troubles and onto the next step of your individual path.

Meditate at lunchtime – in a park, in a cafe, a restaurant, at your desk, or where ever you may be.

Simply, give time back to yourself.
Take ownership of one’s day,
Take ownership of one’s mind,
Take ownership of a balanced day.

Meditate at night before one falls into a sleep.

Allow the mind to close down and the body to rest – to recharge.

Allow one to rest naturally,
To close the mind in peace.
To focus, not on the stress of the day and one’s life situation, but knowing that the recovery of one’s body and the peace within one’s heart and mind is the first step to providing the answers to each of your questions.

Meditate while you exercise, while you run, walk, swim, jump, stretch, sit, move.

Remember that there is no part of the day that one should not be and can not be in a meditative state.

All one has to do is allow it to happen and trust in oneself.

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