What does it mean to take control of ones own life?


Take a moment to ask yourself,
Are you are in control of your surroundings?

What does it mean ‘to have control’?

Recognise that one always has a choice in life,
One is never alone in a choice,
Often it is the mind that will tell one what to do,
But it is the soul which asks to give you guidance.

To be in control is to be in a position where one is not reliant on another’s words or expressions, and one is not dependent on the voice of the mind.

Instead one recognises a choice that one always has,
One can gently make the decision for one-self, from a place of love,
Love for one-self and love for those that surround one.

To take control for one-self is to recognise the personal power within,
It is to recognise the truth that one holds and it is to become an individual,
A creature who listens to one’s individual truth.

One must become aware not to allow ego and mind into ones individual truth,
To do so allows for difficult truths to emerge.

Ones ego must not lead,
To truly take control one must come to a point of recognition;
Recognition of the mind,
Recognition of the ego,
Recognition of anger,
Recognition of love,
Not just within oneself but within all.

When one can recognise this,
Not just within oneself but also within others,
One will see a truth of where one truly stands,
And a truth of those around one.

This is the meaning of self-control.
To recognise the emotional blocks and positioning of oneself so that one can adjust what is needed for development and movement, for ones life to flow.

This is not easy for man to do,
One lives in a world of ego and anger,
One lives in a world where those in control feed of the fear of the many instead of celebrating their truth and love.

The world is changing my children,
And I ask for one not to focus on the many, but to focus on one-self.

I ask one to practice recognising ones individual truth and give love, not fear to your surroundings.

Through this, one will find that one is already on a true path of self-love and self-control.

Do not allow others to feed your energy with negativity,
Instead feed them with positivity, of love.
One will find another confused when this happens as it is not a reaction which is expected in this day.

Do not be afraid to be different from others,
Embrace this uniqueness as one was made to be one-true self.
One is on earth for ones own path.

Take control of ones path child,
Just do it with love and remove fear and ego from the equation.

Through this, one will find ones truth.

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