Do not underestimate the strength of true love

love in life

Love is a gift,
A gift upon man to enjoy and protect.

Love is unique in each individual case,
No love will ever be the same or repeated – It can’t.

Love is life,
Life should contain love,
Without love, an element is missing,
With love, one will feel more complete.

Yes, love from others is important,
Loving thy-self is the key.
Respect and recognise one-self,
Share the love one builds for thy-self.

All love must be pure,
Love All.
All around you – even if at times it may seem untrue or impossible.
Share the love.

Love will always heal,
It is a tonic to all that is sick, to all that are lost and to all who question.

Let thy heart fill with joy,
With happiness, with excitement and then peace.

Love thyself,
Love they neighbour,
And know, one is always loved,
Even if one can not see – one will, as time progresses.

Love my children is vital for this world.

Love and protect yourself, your home and your life.
Love all around you,
Your energy, your being,

One may not understand these words,
But trust me, it’s a secret one must learn.

Do not underestimate the importance and strength of true love.

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  • helen mc carthy
    21st September 2016 at 8:24 pm — Reply

    Can give out love to everyone…BUT can’t love myself….????

  • Mary Hemeryck
    22nd September 2016 at 7:56 pm — Reply

    I Am so very grateful for your thoughts & to be on the right path to truly loving myself. I’m a work in progress 😍Thank you, Thank God

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