Life’s Questions

Do you believe in a life after human life?

The most common question on earth is asking, ‘What is the meaning of life?’

This question translates into every language, in some form, and is asked no matter what someones personal beliefs, location, race or gender is.

Human belief has changed over time. Like a wave in an ocean, beliefs strengthen and calm over time periods. However, the truth has always remained.

Do not associate heaven to religious belief.
Yes religions teach the beauty of heaven although they also place constraints onto it’s purity.

Life is to be lived.
A life full of love, a life of learning, of experiences and of joy.
There will be challenges in life, however, if life was the same each day of a life, one would ask for more.

Learn from each challenge,
Forgive yourself as well as others,
Do not carry hurt through your life.

Forgiveness allows one to build an internal strength,
Forgiveness allows one to move forward in life, with clarity, with peace and with love.

To forgive is different than to forget.
To forgive is to allow peace into one’s own life, one’s own heart.

I ask if one believes in heaven or hell.

This is a personal answer that will change, not only per person, but through an individual’s lifetime.

I am not here to tell you that one must believe in a heaven or hell.
However, I do ask that one does not lead a dishonest life on earth.

What if your heaven waited for you here?

What if you created your own hell?

What if the constraints of your mind are in fact the elements that hold you back from achieving all that you dream of achieving in this lifetime?

Do you pray to your angels?
Do you talk to your guide?
Do you listen to yourself? Or, do you only listen to those around you?

Do you believe in yourself?

If I told you that each soul has a guide, would you believe me?
For this is truth.

If you can not comprehend this, it is fine, as it is your current belief.

However, what if it is true?

What if your strength is internal?
What if you are guided each day?
What if you listened to yourself each day?

What would and could you achieve in this lifetime?


Thank you for your growth each day,
Thank you for not giving up when times are difficult,
Thank you for being you,
Thank you for the love you transcend each day,

Thank you for your strength, as even if it has not yet surfaced, with each day that you continue and learn, it also grows.
It will assist you on your journey.

Know that there is more to life which is unseen and incomprehensible to a logical mind.

A beauty in life is to believe.

What you believe is a personal choice,
But, do not limit your life or choices based on the beliefs of others.

Find your own truth as it is only your life that you can lead.

Allow happiness,
Allow love,
Laugh and be true.

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