Life’s challenges

Life is for one to live,

Life is an expression of one’s beliefs,

Life is an expression of one’s mental allowances.

Life is only limited by oneself,

By the blockages that each person places onto themselves.

There is no rule for life,

Life is for one to experience as one chooses to experience.

What does this mean?

Should one choose to live a life as one is, with limited complexity and a humble lifestyle, then do so.

One also has a choice to challenge oneself,

Challenge one’s beliefs,

Challenge one’s view,

Challenge one’s mind,

And challenge one’s limitations.

This is a personal choice,

Not all are asked to do so.

Once one becomes ‘comfortable’ in one’s life, in one’s choices, a mindset develops where one may start to accept one’s surroundings as ‘life’.

It becomes a daunting experience to challenge or make adjustments to this way of being.

To challenge one’s view on life is to live one’s life,

To sit idle and to accept one’s individual truth as the truth of life, is to view the world through one lens.

By exploring further, one may open one’s mind, one’s eyes, one’s heart, to the possibilities of life.

Should one choose not to challenge oneself, but to live one’s life as is,

Ask oneself if one is happy within one’s heart;
If so, continue as one is.

If not, ask oneself why.

Life will always have challenges,

It is life’s way of pushing one forward in one’s one life,

To learn, to develop, to grow.

The choice which man has, is how one decided to deal with life’s challenges.

One can trust or one can doubt.

Either way, one should always release internal anguish; trapped emotions.

It is through a release that one begins to feel the love of life in one’s heart.

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