Life-changing moments

life-changing moments

A life-changing moment can happen at any time.
Sometimes there is nothing that you can do to prepare for it.
At other times you are given a period to digest and understand what is happening and why.

In either case, there is a grieving period, a time of a new reality.
A time of a new acceptance, a time to reflect on what just happened and a time in which one will ask what happens next.

These moments will happen, you can not avoid them, they are part of life.

How you deal with these moments will be unique and individual.
Different than your family, different than your friends.
Maybe you will react differently than how you expected yourself to.

All of this is okay, as each of you can only react to a moment as you know how, based on the emotions, the level of acceptance and the personal strength you have at that moment.

There is no rule of how you should react.
There is no rule for how long a mourning period should take.
There is no rule or timeframe on your process.

You are ready when you are ready, it is that simple.

By focusing on yourself, building up personal strength, self-reflection, personal understanding and learning to apply empathy for yourself, you will find that acceptance and trust will flow naturally.

When you come to a place in which you accept and understand that each moment happens for a specific reason, you start to see answers.
You start to connect the dots that were always there, yet somehow couldn’t be seen.
You start to let go of hurt, anguish and pain, but allow relief, thanks and love into your surroundings.

All you’re asked to do is to work on understanding yourself, work on acceptance and work on placing trust in your surroundings.

You will be surprised by the results and how unshakable you will become when an unexpected life-changing moment lands at your feet.

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