Letting go of Fear

Letting go of fear

What does it mean to let go of fear?

To answer this we must identify what fear is.

Fear is an illusion of the mind. A belief or though process that something negative will happen as a result of an action or interaction.

What one man is fearful of, another will embrace.
Just as, what one man will embrace in life, another is fearful of.

I ask that man lets go of fear,
It is an illusion of a mind that places limits onto one.

Although this is something that sounds easy,
Many of mankind are conditioned to believe that their limits should not be overcome and stand as a place of security.

I ask one to imagine their life, if limits were removed.
What would one do, knowing that their fear was not there?

Recognise that over-coming a fear will in-fact set one free.

To let go of a fear, one must experience a time that places one into an unknown and uncomfortable situation.

It is only through this experience that one will either overcome ones fear, or find out that it is truth.

However, a simple truth is,
To experience ones fear, one will often find that the mind has exaggerated ones belief.

The mind is the obstacle that one must face and overcome,
As all fear lives in the mind.

Fear is not a reality, it is not truth.
It is an illusion of the mind, which is why fear is individual and unique to each person.

Through recognition of this truth, one can learn to let go.
One can face each day with less boundaries, more freedom.

I ask you to challenge your fear my children.
Place yourself into a situation of uncertainty,
To watch yourself grow,
Watch yourself learn,
Watch yourself develop.

Allow yourself to remove the shackles of the mind,
Placing yourself into freedom.

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