It is only you who can


I speak of individual truths,
I speak of a world where one does not live in fear or from one’s mind.

I speak of following one’s guidance,
I speak of trust in oneself,
I speak of one’s individual journey,
I speak of love.

These are not just words.
This is guidance for life, for love, for happiness and for an awakening of life’s truth and possibilities.

It is only you who can apply these words, this guidance to your life.

It is only you who can trust in yourself, listen to yourself,
Your true self, your guide, your love and your life.

It is only you that can decide when one has had enough,
It is only you that can accept truth into one’s life,
It is only you that can walk away from hurt and pain,
It is only you who can decide when to stop listening to the mind of others.

It is only you who can decide to face one’s fears, one’s pains, to forgive oneself and those who hold you back.

It is only you who can change one’s life, as one accepts that each moment in a life is a decision for you to react and to design your path.

It is only you who can decide to accept the lies, the truths, the opinions or mindframes of others,
Or to take control of oneself and to design one’s truth for the life one wants and desires to live.

Do you underestimate yourself?
Do you allow others to underestimate you?

It is only you that can reflect on one’s circumstances, on one’s life, and allow a change, if that’s what you decide you need.

Do you trust yourself?
Do you trust in your potential?

For it is only you who can break out of your confinements of today and allow yourself to fly freely.

Do not simply read these words and switch back to a life controlled by the mind,
Read these words as truth,
Read these words as guidance,
Read these words as love.

It is only you who can apply these words to your life and create a life that you deserve to live,
A life of love, of trust, of purity and strength.

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