Internal Communication

Inner Connection

Disconnect not from yourself, but from the noise of what surrounds you.

Ask yourself, are you happy?
Do you recognise the noise in this modern world which keeps the mind entertained and busy?

It is to a degree that man no longer communicates with themself, or those which surround them.

Man lives in a time period where there are few barriers in communication.
Physical location is no longer a barrier, spoken language no longer needs to be the same, and as technology advances, man’s capability of communication will be seamless.

Man’s technology advances are simply recreating a connection between individuals which already exists.

Man is connected.
Each man, woman and child are connected.
Each person on earth is a source of energy which drives the evolution of life.

Connect with those around you,
Not only in this physical realm, but on an energy level.
For it is here that one will truly connect – not on a superficial level, but with each others core being of life.

I ask one to connect with others,
But one must remember to connect to oneself.

What does this mean?
To connect with oneself is to remove the noise, pressure, thoughts and openness of others – but instead to listen to oneself.

One must also remove the noise, pressure, thoughts and opinions that one has,
As this is simply noise of the mind.

One must slow the mind,
Meditate, breathe, stretch, relax, walk.
Find your place of relaxation.
Find your space of meditation.
This is something which is unique to you.

For some it may be a bath, for others it is exercise, a mediative class, running, walking or simply sitting in one’s favourite chair.

Find your mediative state where one can switch off the mind,
Just simply breathe and be present in that moment.

Doing so allows one to relax,
Doing so allows one to breathe,
But most importantly this allows one to reconnect to one’s core, to recognise the guide and balance within.

Strengthen your internal connection,
as in-return it will strengthen the true connection you develop with those which surround you.

Moments will occur in one’s life which one simply can not explain with a logical mind.

Connections with friends and family will deepen as a true understanding of each other unfolds.

Communications with each other will become clearer, as man understands the importance of love within relationships – no matter the status of that friendship.

As man’s technology advances, so will man.
The world is evolving, so is man.
The earth is transforming into it’s next phase. So is man.

Man is awakening to truth once again,
The advancements of communication is part of this change.
Only now man can physically do what has always been spiritually possible on a energy field.

Place down your technology and instead focus on developing your personal frequency,
Don’t become dependent on an external form of communication, when all that man needs is already within.

Evolve together,
Evolve personally,
Evolve with love,
Evolve with mother earth,
Evolve with peace in one’s heart,
Evolve with a clear mind,
Evolve knowing that one is guided.

One simply needs to re-connect and communicate within.

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