Individual Perspective

individual perspective

Each man has been given the gift of love.
Each man can love.
Each man has the option and choice to share love.

To share love with others, is not only a gift to another,
It is the pulse of life on earth.

Everything on earth is connected with soul energy,
This energy flourishes with love.

The world requires love,
Man requires love,
It is not possible to simplify the message any further.

Love must be shared.

To truly share love, man must reach into their personal view and be comfortable in accepting another perspective.

Each soul on earth has been gifted with an individual perspective of the world.
It is through joining these perspectives that man as a whole may view the world for what is today.

Man must be willing to look past their personal view to understand that of another.

To do so, one will remove much pain and fear from this world and individual life.

Instead one will open up and find oneself with a deeper understanding, with a wider perspective of ones world.

To do so, one will find oneself naturally showing love to another.
One will find oneself helping another, while self-developing and growing.

Once one recognises that all is connected,
One will see that;
To help one-self, helps others,
While helping others, helps oneself to grow.

This world you live in today is changing, and will continue to change.

Recognising that all is connected, one will recognise that;
One individual can and will change all that is around one.

One must first open ones individual perspective.

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