Identify your personal barrier

Identify your personal barrier

To take a step out of your comfort zone is not a simple task.

It often comes with many layers of complexity that others cannot see,
Only yourself.

A layer of complexity is simply a barrier that one must break down,
It is a barrier which has been placed there with a purpose,
It is a reason that one will either decide to stop or push forward and succeed.

Everyone has personal barriers, and no one is the same.

Ask what one wants to achieve in life.
This is not simple to answer, in fact, it is only the few who can answer this with ease.
Ask what is stopping one from reaching this aim today.




Identify your personal barrier.

It is only when a personal barrier has been identified that one starts the process of moving forward, breaking through and removing restrictions.

This is not a simple task,
It is not an overnight challenge,
It may take weeks, months or years—depending on the depth of your block,
But recognise,
The deeper your block, the more freedom you achieve by releasing.

Recognise that identifying your personal block may lead to the discovery of more,
In fact, the root cause is often hidden beneath the complexities of issues which have been ignored for too long.

Why do I share these words?

It is a personal choice in life to remove the blocks in life or to let them build into a wall.

No man, woman or child should live one’s life constrained or buried beneath personal confliction.

I ask that you take a step today to chip at your block,
Work on it until the wall has crumbled and one is free.

Face a problem at that moment,
Face your issue today.

Once one is ready, you will find, what was once impossible will tomorrow seem true.

What was uncomfortable yesterday will become comfortable tomorrow.

What is meant for one tomorrow,
Can start today.

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