Why should you question your foundational beliefs?

foundational beliefs

We never said it would be easy.
It is not.

To question life choices each day is an overwhelming task.
To ask yourself how you got into today’s situation—both the positive and the painful parts of life—is difficult.

To take sole responsibility for one’s life, one’s actions, is something which only the open-minded and the strong can achieve.

We never said it would be easy,
To dive into childhood memories and to ask questions about your foundational beliefs and teachings.

It’s not easy.
To question one’s foundational beliefs—is to question one’s identity.
To question one’s culture—is to question all of those which has surrounded you throughout life.

So why do it?

  • To live your life with truth
  • To identify your personal beliefs and values
  • To take ownership and recognise the impact that your individual actions have on your surroundings.

You must strip the beliefs of others to understand your core truth.

You have the choice:

  • Live life with what you are told to believe
  • Live life having explored your own truth and able to give a reason as to why this is so.

We will never say it is easy.
It is not.

To question yourself takes courage,
To question others takes strength,
To gain answers in this way is to live life with truth and peace of mind.

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