To focus on oneself is a gift that man should offer oneself.


Give oneself energy, a period of rest, meditate and clear ones mind from noise.

Clearing ones mind allows one to reconnect back to oneself, to ones truth.
This requires patience. It requires time. It requires trust within oneself.

To quieten ones mind, one may be required to answer questions.
To clear what is stuck in ones mind.
To remove it, one must face truth and reality of ones life and circumstances.

One should allow oneself time and patience.

Do so in ones own timing.
Time is only a fragment of ones imagination.
A man made measurement of life.

Begin each day with 3 deep breaths.
Re-align with ones body, ones soul and give thanks and recognition for ones life.

This practice will welcome positivity into ones surroundings.
It will balance ones mind with ones soul and provide a perfect start to each day.

In that moment, remind yourself of the love and power that one holds.
The possibilities of each day are endless.
Open your eyes, your heart and your awareness to your truth.

Ones life is unique. Never to be repeated again.
Ones experience on earth is unique to oneself. Therefore my child, one should recognise the beauty and individual characteristics that one holds.

Often man does not see the beauty of their surroundings until one reflects back.
Often it is missed in the moment.

By giving oneself time and energy by meditating and closing ones mind from distracting thoughts,
One will become aware of the beauty that surrounds you in each moment.

One will see a perspective of ones life as never experienced,
One will see a perspective of life,
Unique to oneself.

Do not create thoughts to keep the mind distracted from truth,
Do the opposite. Face ones truth.
Answer what one needs to answer.

When one learns to become aware of ones mind,
Of the pattern of ones thoughts,
One will receive all answers of ones path, ones journey in life at this time.

I do not say it is simple to do.
However, I do say the answers to life are often so simple that man chooses not to do as asked.

Give time to oneself. To reflect, to breathe, to learn and to accept the truth of life.

As life is unique, the answers are different for all.
However, through guidance and help, man can assist one another.
Through this act of love,
Man will once again see the truth of the love and power inside each soul.

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