Believe in the energy that is within you

Believe in the energy that surrounds you

In order to grow with spirit,
One must believe.

Believe in the energy that surrounds you,
Believe in the energy that is within you,
Know and trust that the answer to all is within you and your true path will always become clear.

This is not to be feared.
Instead, it is to be embraced.

It is love, it is all.
It is energy – as all is energy.
It is peace – peace within.
It is simple.
It is so simple that many do not see.

If you learn to be – you will never question.
If you learn to be – you will always have your answer.
If you learn to be – you will always be you.

Your true-self.

First you must believe that you contain this love, this energy.

When you believe, you must learn to trust.
To trust means – to follow.
Follow yourself – your words, your guidance.
If you do not trust – you can not be.

Place this trust and belief onto yourself, not onto others,
And you will learn that you contain all love and knowledge that you will ever need or desire.

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  • Mary Hemeryck
    9th September 2016 at 4:22 pm — Reply

    Thank you so much…..yes the more I TRUST my true self the happier and contented I’ve become and the easier life is. 💚 ✨ 😀

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