Embrace change, do not fear it


Change is natural and change will continuously happen.
Even when one is unaware; atoms are moving, stars are shifting, nature is breathing and energy is flowing.

Do not fear change, as, it is needed.
Nothing can or will ever remain the same. This is impossible.
In each moment, each second, energy vibrates creating movement and change.

A memory which you hold onto is simply a thought.
It is okay to hold onto memories and to keep them close to your heart.
However, do not live your life based on past memories. This is not living in the moment of today — a moment in which you stand on Mother Earth and breathe.

Do not fear change because it is different than something which you imagined or hoped for. This is living life from the mind, not the reality of what is happening in your surroundings today.

Embrace change.
In fact, you can create the changes which you desire. For this to happen you must be aware of why it is necessary and the impact it may cause.

You can lead your path into a direction — this is true and should be embraced. You are simply asked to be self-aware and honest with yourself when doing do.

Embrace change, do not fear it.
Ask yourself what you have learned from this journey.
Ask yourself what lesson you will take forward into your life moving forward.

Each day has a lesson for you to learn, the only question is; are you listening and self-aware enough to notice it?

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