Do you?

do you?

Do you recognise your self-worth?
Do you allow yourself to shine?
Do you allow yourself to radiate the love which you are made of?

Do you pass this loving energy to others?
Do you light up a room when you enter?
Do you look in a mirror and smile?
Do you remind yourself how special you are?

Only you can practice self-love.
Only you can recognise your true-self.
Only you can allow yourself to love yourself and those around you.

Do you allow yourself to recognise your beauty?
Do you recognise your talent?
Do you give yourself a positive message each day and a smile each morning?

Do you allow yourself to love?
To embrace yourself, to embrace another?

Do you allow the words of another, the voice of many to control your actions, your words, your self-worth?

Are you free to be you?
Are you your true-self?

Do you know yourself?
Do you know your own belief systems or do you know what you have been told to believe?
Do you know why you believe something to be true?

Do you love?
Do you meditate?
Do you exercise?
Do you eat what your body needs, not what you’ve taught your body to want?

Do you listen to the mind, or do you listen to the soul’s guidance?
Do you live your life as you should?
Do you love your life?
Do you love yourself?
Do you love?

Do you take time for yourself?
Do you take time out?
Do you spend time with loved ones?
Do you laugh each day?

Do you recognise yourself?
Do you care for yourself?

Ask yourself these questions.
Give yourself the space to answer.

Learn to love your life and to live it.
As you should, with your souls’ guidance and with a heart of love which is passed onto many.

Allow yourself to shine,
Explore who you are.
Be you, love yourself.
Smile each day and give thanks for the lesson you receive each day.

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