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Paralysed in life

paralysed in life

How does it feel to be paralysed — not physically, but in life?
There are times when you may feel that you cannot move.
Times when you feel like there is no correct answer, no correct action to take or nothing that you can say which will solve the problem at hand.

When this happens, it means that you are at a pivot point in your life.
A stage in which you may be drowning in the pressure of making decisions for multiple possible directions.

If you have these feelings; simply stop.
Stop searching for the ‘right thing to do’.
Stop over-thinking.
Stop talking about it.

Stop trying to control the situation, instead allow it to unfold for you.
Give yourself time and become aware of what you truly want for yourself moving forward.

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Let the mind wander

Let the mind wander, just for a while.

Let the mind wander, just for a while.
Observe what it has to say.
Then stop. Take a deep breath.
And, ask yourself if this is what you truly want in life.

Let the mind wander.
Think big.

Allow yourself to dream.
Allow yourself to be creative.
Allow yourself to think beyond the boundaries of what exists in your life today.
Then, take a deep breath. Breathe.

Allow the mind to wander. Learn from it.

There is a difference in allowing the mind to wander and allowing the mind to control your actions.

Live life with a curious mind, but do not live life from your dreams alone.

Think big, but also live your life with truth.
Learn to understand and follow what is right for you at this moment.

How do you know that you are ready for life’s changes?

Life's Changes

Tides are constantly changing, so, what makes you think that your life can remain the same?

Energy changes, energy vibrates, energy moves and energy grows.
Remember that you are energy, therefore, you change, vibrate, move and grow.

What does this mean for you?
Expect nothing to remain as it is, it is impossible.
Each moment, each second brings change and an opportunity for growth.
It is up to you to observe and act on this change, or not.

Connect to your energy.
Recognise your inner power.
Listen to that inner voice—your intuition. Respond to it.
Show that you are listening and as you listen you will find that it will talk back stronger. This is how one can be guided through life.

Place trust in yourself and find your confidence.
Be who you want to be.
Be who you need to be.
Listen to your needs and listen to your desires.

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What are you worthy of?

What are you worthy of?

The simple answer should be ‘Everything’ – but what does this truly mean?

You cannot know what your needs are, what your limits are, what your level of happiness is or who your partner should be until you have identified who you are and what you stand for.

How can you answer questions about who you are and what you want in life if you haven’t started a self-discovery phase to understand yourself?

The hard part isn’t asking yourself the questions, it is believing in your answers. It is the work and discovery of your values in life.

Your answers will constantly change as you explore who you are. You will question your life, your mind, your choices, your inner-truth. You will question everything and by doing so you will identify your inner core strength which will guide you in any future path.

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Life-changing moments

life-changing moments

A life-changing moment can happen at any time.
Sometimes there is nothing that you can do to prepare for it.
At other times you are given a period to digest and understand what is happening and why.

In either case, there is a grieving period, a time of a new reality.
A time of a new acceptance, a time to reflect on what just happened and a time in which one will ask what happens next.

These moments will happen, you can not avoid them, they are part of life.

How you deal with these moments will be unique and individual.
Different than your family, different than your friends.
Maybe you will react differently than how you expected yourself to.

All of this is okay, as each of you can only react to a moment as you know how, based on the emotions, the level of acceptance and the personal strength you have at that moment.

There is no rule of how you should react.
There is no rule for how long a mourning period should take.
There is no rule or timeframe on your process.

You are ready when you are ready, it is that simple.

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Embrace change, do not fear it


Change is natural and change will continuously happen.
Even when one is unaware; atoms are moving, stars are shifting, nature is breathing and energy is flowing.

Do not fear change, as, it is needed.
Nothing can or will ever remain the same. This is impossible.
In each moment, each second, energy vibrates creating movement and change.

A memory which you hold onto is simply a thought.
It is okay to hold onto memories and to keep them close to your heart.
However, do not live your life based on past memories. This is not living in the moment of today — a moment in which you stand on Mother Earth and breathe.

Do not fear change because it is different than something which you imagined or hoped for. This is living life from the mind, not the reality of what is happening in your surroundings today.

Embrace change.
In fact, you can create the changes which you desire. For this to happen you must be aware of why it is necessary and the impact it may cause.

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Are you searching for your path in life?

Life's path, Life's Journey

Many describe life as a time period to find their purpose, to create change, to create a legacy or to create an impact.
I ask you to stop thinking in this way.

By searching for your purpose you are placing limitations onto yourself.
You are already on your path, you are living your life, you are achieving your individual purpose each day.

To focus on achieving your life’s purpose you need to create a vision for your future. But, if this vision (from the mind) is not achieved, many feel as if they have failed.

I ask you to focus on today.
Are you in the mind frame to create your vision?
Is this aim coming from the head or the heart?
Is it for financial gain? Is it to show one’s power and inflate the ego? To show one’s worth or one’s position amongst others?

Ask why. Why is your vision important?
What does any future hold with this vision and what does a future hold without this vision?

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Do you?

do you?

Do you recognise your self-worth?
Do you allow yourself to shine?
Do you allow yourself to radiate the love which you are made of?

Do you pass this loving energy to others?
Do you light up a room when you enter?
Do you look in a mirror and smile?
Do you remind yourself how special you are?

Only you can practice self-love.
Only you can recognise your true-self.
Only you can allow yourself to love yourself and those around you.

Do you allow yourself to recognise your beauty?
Do you recognise your talent?
Do you give yourself a positive message each day and a smile each morning?

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Trust your instinct

Trust your Instinct

Are you willing to let go of all self-control?
Are you willing to surrender to the energy of the universe?
Are you ready to trust a bigger picture than what your mind can create or comprehend?

Are you strong enough to allow your path to unfold? Knowing that your hard work is recognised and your past experiences have lead to the knowledge and learnings which you will use in life moving forward.

How much do you trust in yourself?
How much do you acknowledge the internal strength you have?
How much do you see the love which you give to the world?

How much love do you give your reflection?
How much gratitude do you give yourself, for simply being you?
How much strength and love will it take for you to see your internal beauty?

How long will it take for you to practice self-love?
Importantly, how long will it take before you recognise and trust your inner-self?—Your guide?—Your love?—Your being?

Do not blame others for holding you back.
Do not assign blame, responsibility or ill feelings onto someone.

If you have not recognised the true beauty of yourself to-date, it is because you are on a journey to discover who one is and what it means to love.

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Why should you question your foundational beliefs?

foundational beliefs

We never said it would be easy.
It is not.

To question life choices each day is an overwhelming task.
To ask yourself how you got into today’s situation—both the positive and the painful parts of life—is difficult.

To take sole responsibility for one’s life, one’s actions, is something which only the open-minded and the strong can achieve.

We never said it would be easy,
To dive into childhood memories and to ask questions about your foundational beliefs and teachings.

It’s not easy.
To question one’s foundational beliefs—is to question one’s identity.
To question one’s culture—is to question all of those which has surrounded you throughout life.

So why do it?

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