Breathe – Simply take three deep breaths.



What do you do when life feels complex and overbearing?

What do you do when the noise in one’s mind is too much and nothing you do can quieten the surround sound?

What do you do when no one around you understands, when no one has an answer or understands the internal pain and conflict?

What do you do when everyone simply stairs, open-mouthed and no words to share?

What do you do when you feel so alone that the hight of loneliness is felt deepest when surrounded by people?

In this case,

I ask you to breathe.
Simply take three deep breaths.

In a moment of darkness,
In a moment that your head is stuck to a pillow and one’s mind is deep in thought,
Take three deep breaths.

In a moment that no one understands and the internal pain is too much to bear,
Take three deep breaths.

In the moment that a loved one doesn’t have the words you need to hear,
Take three deep breaths.

To breathe is to live.
To breathe is to refocus the mind,
To breathe is to reset the body,
To breathe is to give oneself a reminder of a soul in one’s body.

Too many in life hold their breath through life,
Each day many do not breathe as you should.

Are you aware of your breathing?
Or do you take it as a natural action of one’s body?

Many breathe incorrectly and live incorrectly.

Many don’t use this simple action as a tool to balance one’s mind, one’s mood, one’s life.

Many look onto others for answers,
Instead of recognising the answers within.

Learn how to breathe,
Learn how to live,
Learn how to listen to yourself,
Learn to connect to your body and soul.

Acknowledge that one isn’t alone and you have a guide in your life.

Learn to take three deep breaths in a moment of pain and confusion,
Recognise that you allow yourself to reset and restart by doing this simple action.

Life should be simple my child,
Do not over complicate your life,
Take the natural actions in life,
Communicate clearly, breathe naturally and connect to one’s inner self.

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