Are you searching for your path in life?

Life's path, Life's Journey

Many describe life as a time period to find their purpose, to create change, to create a legacy or to create an impact.
I ask you to stop thinking in this way.

By searching for your purpose you are placing limitations onto yourself.
You are already on your path, you are living your life, you are achieving your individual purpose each day.

To focus on achieving your life’s purpose you need to create a vision for your future. But, if this vision (from the mind) is not achieved, many feel as if they have failed.

I ask you to focus on today.
Are you in the mind frame to create your vision?
Is this aim coming from the head or the heart?
Is it for financial gain? Is it to show one’s power and inflate the ego? To show one’s worth or one’s position amongst others?

Ask why. Why is your vision important?
What does any future hold with this vision and what does a future hold without this vision?

If your answer revolves around yourself, it is important to recognise this.
Be aware of what you are asking for.
Be truthful with yourself.
Ask why it is needed and why it is important.

That begins with this moment and understanding that one’s mind frame today can and will affect the future you build for everyone tomorrow.

Live in this moment, today.
One’s life will unfold—one is already on a path.
Should you choose that you are unhappy and want to change your path—do so.

It is up to you to choose what life to live.
It is up to you to take an opportunity which is placed in front of you, to create change and to be happy.

Many ask for change but are afraid to take it.
Many search for love, but do not recognise that they are surrounded by love each day.
Many search for a purpose, for a brighter future, but choose to ignore what is already placed in front of them at that moment.

Choose to be happy in your life.
Choose to take control of yourself.
Choose to recognise and share love with all around you.
Live in this day, today, knowing that a new one will appear tomorrow.
Choose to recognise your thoughts.
Choose to live a life which makes you happy.
Choose to be stress-free from a vision which you (or someone else) once set.

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