Anger and Frustration

Anger and Fustrations

Do not live one’s life from trapped emotions.

One must learn to release emotion in a controlled manner,
In a way that allows freedom to express emotions,
To let go of anger,
To let go of frustrations,
But not to cause hurt, harm or pass these emotions to another.

This is one of man’s biggest challenges,
How does man live life from a place of love, letting go of negativity and freely expressing one’s inner battle?

Each individual will process an emotion in a personal way,
Each individual will also release emotion differently.

Do not ask another to express oneself as you do,
One will only express themself in a way that is natural.

It is also true that many have not learn’t how to express.

For those who do not know how to express, the process is not simple,
As it is a behaviour they do not understand what to do.

Each man, woman and child will experience anger and each will have frustrations. It is impossible not to, as one is human and raw emotions will always exist.

However, one can learn to live one’s life, not based on a constant flow of anger, but from a place of trust, in oneself and in a guided path.

How does one let go?
One must be ready.
One will only let go of anger and frustrations when one can truly let go; forgive and love.

One must identify the core of anger,
Recognise why one has built up such emotions,
And recognise that one will live a life of freedom by letting go,
Rather than holding on and feeding the pain.

It is only through practice that one will find it natural to express ones emotions and allow oneself the freedom to do so.

It takes trust within yourself, your environment and those that surround you,
But this is the element that most find difficult.

Trust and anger often work on different sides of a scale.
One must trust in-order to release trapped emotion.

If one can not trust, or provide an environment to release, then start with oneself.

Start with trusting yourself.
Place love into your heart first,
Allow yourself to find your core,
To identify the problem,
To give oneself the time that is needed;
Time for oneself.

Develop a relationship with oneself,
When one becomes comfortable with oneself, one will find that life adapts to meet your true needs.

One will find oneself opening up to others,
But before one does so,
One must open up to oneself,
And listen to one’s inner needs.

Let go of your anger and frustrations, do not live one’s life from this place.

Recognise the need to feel such emotions,
It gives awareness of one’s surroundings.

Live one’s life from happiness and love,
Let go of negativity,
Start by building a relationship of love and trust with yourself.

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