Allow your life to blossom

Allow your life to blossom

Life is opening up for each of you,
Like a flower coming into blossom,
Trust and follow your path and you will be taken to a wonderful place.

A place which is light and peaceful,
A place you will feel love each day.

Follow your spirit, your inner guide, it will never direct you wrong.

I ask you to trust in its path,
It may be difficult at times,
But there is always a deeper reason that you may not yet see.

Trust in yourself,
Only you can live your life,
Only you can lead yourself to where you are meant to be.

Love yourself,
Believe in yourself,
You are part of God,
You are each connected,
Each individual, a piece in a greater picture.

Do God’s work,
Live each day to the highest degree,
Live each day as one to treasure,
Give love and offerings to those around you.

Recognise your inner power and strength,
Talk to your soul and strengthen your connection,
Ask questions each day and follow the guidance you are given,
As your trust grows within yourself, so will your connection.

If you doubt or fall,
Get back up and go again,
Spirit never leads you wrong,
Do not allow mind to control.

Support each other,
Offer love and guidance,
Talk and connect,
Live and be as one.

Always remember you are loved,
Reflect this love onto others and help to heal the earth.

One by one, show support and love, as each flower that blossoms can create a garden full of colour and light.

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  • Mary Hemeryck
    9th September 2016 at 4:47 pm — Reply

    I Love my garden and watching it develope and blossom. Thank you for such wonderful words. 💜 💫 💗

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