Start each day with acknowledgement of life and the life one holds within.


What is perfection?
Perfection is an idea from the mind,
It is not, nor will it ever be a reality.

All will be as it is,
As it needs to be in that moment.

It is not up for others to make decisions on one’s life or ones family,
Therefore it should not matter what others may do, think or say.

Many use the opportunity to have an input in others affairs to have distraction of what is true in their own life – or circumstances.

Man should focus on what is truth in-front of them – personally.

Ones opinion is a reflection of their own life, their experience, their view on truth.

But, my friend, as you know,
One man’s truth is not truth for all,
In-fact, it may not be truth at all.

So what should be done?

My friend, as I often say, the truth and solution is often too simple for man to acknowledge, as the mind is in control and the mind does not apply simplicity to life.

Do nothing,
Be present,
Share love,
Do not judge.

Invite others into your house, but my friend, do not let them dirty your ground,
Do not allow others to darken your truth, your love, your vision.

However my friend, it is important that one does not work from ego or the mind,
As one may confuse love and kindness as an attack on ones view, ones life, ones circumstance.

Start each day with acknowledgement of life, of the love one is surrounded by and the life one holds within.

Do not follow others voices. Follow the one within,
Not the mind – balance this,
But the soul. Your ‘gut feeling’ as many of man kind may refer to it today.

This my friend is your truth,
This is life speaking to you,
This is from a place of love.

What if you are not connected one may ask.
My friend, know all are connected to life, to love, to spirit.
Not all listen.

The first step to listening is to breathe,
To focus,
To acknowledge yourself and the energy within.

Many greet others each morning,
Yet, they do not greet themselves.
Each morning, greet yourself as you greet a loved one,
Acknowledge yourself – physically and within.

It may take time at first – but my friend,
What one will find is an awakening within.

Of love, life and guidance.
A voice who communicates back,
Through your soul, your body and through life.

Do not panic, do not rush.
Enjoy each day, acknowledge each day,
Learn each day of what to do next.

Keep life simple my friends,
It is only the mind that creates complications.

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